Thursday, September 29, 2005


Please Help Us Save Our Home....

***Edit 10/03/05*** Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Every little bit helps us toward our goal, but you guys have gone far beyond a little bit. Our thought was merely, 500 people give $5 (average) over time and we would be caught up. You are all appreciated more than words can express. It takes a lot of faith and trust to give hard earned money to such a blatant plea. Again, we would like to express, this is our last ditch effort to save our home. We have only taken this method because we have exhausted all other resources.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Those words uplift and aide us as much as the monies. Thank you again!

Blessings Abound!

Mountain Girl and Tennessee Jed



My life has not been bad at all, I have had a run of cruddy circumstance coupled with my poor choices when confronted to decide when the choices were all dismal.

I worked as a graphic artist/department supervisor for about seven years for a non-profit company, Lions Volunteer Blind Industries in Morristown Tennessee, training handicapped people to do screen printing and embroidery for job skills training. I had a wife then with whom I had two daughters and she worked running a family owned bluegrass music instrument store.

We were needing better benefits for our family so I used a friend to help me acquire a job with a large machine company, Mahle Inc./GmbH Germany, who built pistons for every engine builder in the world. I had training in computer numeric control programming and have always been great with my hand skills. The machine shop job was by far the worst I have ever known in the fact that there was no creative challenge to it, and the twelve hour night shifts were eating my body up. I worked with them about four years, until my wife of ten years proclaims she wants her freedom, now that the girls are easier to care for, her daddy who was retiring from business wanted her as the heir apparent replacement and she has never loved me anyway. Besides being heartbroken, I was home sick for a home that never was a home and all of a sudden all that I had amassed crumbled like a sandcastle in the surf.

I was 36 years old when all this struck and I am 41 now, and the past five years have seemed longer than any because I have to send away a very large sum of my income to a family I do not have any longer, under strict penalty of law. That leaves me without my kids and half of a low income to live on.

My wife Jessica has been an awesome blessing to me in many ways, but we have had our struggles trying to blend this family into something good while we both drag baggage that is too painful to even recollect. She teaches Special Education classes to disadvantaged and mentally challenged children.

I still have hope that my children will never choose divorce as an option to the fickleness of heart we all suffer from in our seasons. I am a very bitter man from my viewpoint of how I have been handled by my State Government during all this. The only solace I have is the fact that I did nothing to my ex-wife to deserve this treatment and the stain is on her hands and soul not mine. The loss of the daily sight of my daughters is soul wrenching. I am powerless and hurt beyond anything I can express in speech or text to that loss.

My wife and I are struggling so very hard now with the fact that we work a combined 100 hours a week and still do not have enough money to make ends meet. She had to have 3 surgeries in one year, and I had a kidney stone attack. These medical bills have almost put us in the gutter. She has a full ride for her degree (through a tuition grant for special educators), but they are slow to refund what we have put up front.

The child support system has been steadily forcing me to live down to their expectations as they only berate the ones who are easy to find, who stay gainfully employed (like me). I worked for a sign company most of the past five years until the child support system wanted to garnish my wages through him (for no good reason as I was current in paying them) and he did a poor job sending them the payments and a very effective job of deducting monies from my check. I went to the State and showed proof it was being deducted and not being sent at his level, but they informed me it was now my duty to see that my boss paid them on top of all the other grief. So I left his place to become an invisible contractor of services, to meet State expectations. I have been working to gain the type of employment, if this ever happens again then there is perfect accountability, so now I work for the City Government. Now my garnished my wages have been added to in the form of arrearage payments for the money HE never paid yet took out of my paycheck. I now pay almost half of my measly $1,200 a month pay-check to the woman who only wanted to have children then leave me so she could be supported through no effort of her own. I would gladly feed my children at my table and had never been late on my child-support payments before my employer ceased to send them (post garnishment)

I always say: "It will either get better or we will die, either way relief is coming!" I adapted that from an old Jerry Clower story of Marcel Ledbetter asking him to just shoot up here amongst us, cause somebody has got to get some relief.

I have a mustard seed, now it had better be enough, because that is also being eyed by the lawyers who come against me!

WE ARE ABOUT TO LOSE OUR HOME AND BE HOMELESS. I have a step-daughter I love very much and do not want this to happen to her. This IS her home, too. I guess it's pitiful to ask for help from complete strangers, but we are at our wits end.

Again, Please help us save it. We have never been on welfare or ever want to be. We only want to save our home.

If you choose to donate, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness. If there is anything we can do (within legal limits) to repay you, we most definitely will.

Blessings Abound!

You can read more about my wife and myself here and here.

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